Hello and welcome to iBrokers Global. iBrokers Global  is an Brokerage and Marketing Firm headquartered in Puerto Rico, with a rich portfolio Real Estate. The firm takes pride in representing and vehicle owners in their transactions in a professional way. We specialize in residential, commercial, and investment real estate—also the of motorcycles, cars, boats, planes, trucks, and heavy equipment. iBrokers is known for its understanding of the market and its dynamics, attention to detail, and strong business acumen. We strive to match each client’s desires. We skillfully feature property or vehicle with a unique presence and character through innovative sales and marketing. We make the experience remarkable and fun for our clients due to fewer complexities. We offer the easiest and effective way to search for your Real Estate or vehicle. Utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology, we bring you a full 360 Virtual Reality view of the vehicle or property in vibrant 4K resolution. Our team Brokerage and Marketing Firm is genuinely committed, reliable and consistent in offering customized services based on client preferences.  iBrokers is highly dedicated to providing the best customer service to buyers or sellers with experts in Investment Properties, Tax Incentives, and Qualified Opportunity Zone projects (QOZ). Let us walk together by helping you achieve your dreams.  Contact us, and we will help you bring your project through all stages of development. Our brokers are what set us apart. With an extensive background in sales, marketing, and business knowledge, they understand the power of creative, well-organized, and highly effective campaigns. Marketing is a subtle science, and devising a marketing strategy that produces optimal leads is challenging. The goal isn’t to gain visibility from advertisements but to actively generate clicks. There is no single website Brokerage and Marketing Firm that connects the listing you are selling with the right customer. That’s the main reason why we list our properties  on all the websites we deemed necessary to get the job done. Rest assured that you will view your listing around the world.​ Management of client takes a lot of our time. That’s why we hired a professional team of sales specialists that will be in charge of providing prospective customers the attention they required 24/7. From providing property information, coordination of appointments, qualification of customers, follow up and much more, so you can focus on what matters the most, Selling!.

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