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It is an International Brokerage Firm headquartered in Puerto Rico, with a rich portfolio. The firm takes pride in representing real estate and vehicle owners in their transactions in a professional way. We specialize in residential, commercial, and investment real estate. We offer the easiest and effective way to search for real estate or vehicle through cutting edge services. Our team is committed, reliable and consistent in providing customized services based on client preferences.

As one of the leading Brokerage Firms, we pride ourselves on having a team of experts with strong and astute negotiation skills. To ensure the client gets value and the best price for the property or vehicle. They coupled with strategic sales and marketing skills, customized customer service, a competent team of experts. We utilize the most modern technology for virtual tours and drones for videography, photography, and professional listings and description. We ensure all your needs are competently covered.


We help our Sellers improve their property for the market in addition to listing them. Also, assist them in understanding the local market and ways of determining the right pricing. Due to our exemplary negotiation skills, we ensure they get the best value for their listed property.


Value for money is key and purchasing a property or vehicle that meets the standards and preferences is equally important. Thus we help our buyers locate their dream property or vehicle as well as purchase it at the right price. Thank You for choosing us as your Agent.


iBrokers Global is an International Brokerage Firm headquartered in Puerto Rico, with a rich portfolio.


We can't deny the importance of good marketing—That's why our marketing experts will advertise your real estate and vehicles the right way.

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