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San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Fortified City

San Juan (sahn HWAHN) is known as “the walled city,” “the capital city”, “the paved city,” and “colonial city”. The residents are known as capitalinos and senadores, the latter is an allusion to their baseball team. The city of San Juan is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico and it is the capital of the island.

The colonial part of the city is known as a historic and cultural center, in which the military architecture built from the 16th to the 18th century is its outstanding feature. The old port is also an important port of call for ships that sail the Caribbean. The port has the capacity for a dozen cruise ships at a time, a total of 900 cruises, and one million travelers a year.

There are various points of interest beyond the islet where Old San Juan is located. To the east, there is El Condado, a very important hotel and tourist area. Ocean Park is very popular because of its beaches where various aquatic sports are practiced. The Puerto Rico Convention Center as well as some additional docks for the San Juan harbor area located in Miramar. The Puerto Rico Art Museum and the Santurce marketplace are located further down the road in Santurce. Hato Rey is considered the island’s financial district, specifically an area called “the Golden Mile” (0.47 miles long), where major banks and financial firms are located. The traditional market Rafael Hernández and the University of Puerto Rico, which was founded in 1903, are located in Río Piedras.

A few of the most important historic and architectural landmarks include the San Juan Cathedral; Casa Blanca, the residence of Juan Ponce de León; the San Antonio and Dos Hermanos bridges; the Santa Catalina Palace (La Fortaleza), which is the governor’s mansion; El Morro and San Cristóbal fortresses; the San José church; the San Juan wall system, part of which still stands along with one of the six original entrances to the city; the Ballajá military barracks; City Hall; and its main squares. Old San Juan’s defense system was designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

San Juan has is the most populated municipality with the highest population density. However, during these past decades, the population has diminished because of movement to adjacent municipalities.


San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, the oldest city under the United States flag. Juan Ponce de León founded San Juan in 1521. The ward knew today as Old San Juan was the personal vision of Juan Ponce de León. He helped design the city, supervised the construction of its massive walls, and determined where the structures were to be constructed. Each located on an isthmus, two forts defended Old San Juan: Morro and San Cristóbal. Many of the areas of San Juan were built in the 1500s and are national and international historical places.

Old San Juan was originally built as a military post, but today is a city where you can experience 500 years of history. The city covers seven square blocks of narrow streets paved in stone and lined with old colonial houses with their balconies and patios. The forts and the walls of Old San Juan are some of the best-preserved in this hemisphere.

The area is abundant with old homes, churches, and plazas that represent the best of Caribbean architecture. Old San Juan is home to many cafes, art galleries, museums, and wonderfully restored homes that give the city a romantic air of nostalgia. Its tropical vegetation includes palm trees, banana plants, hibiscus, and ferns among others.

At night you can enjoy the singing of our dearly loved coquí (tree frog) adding to it a special sensation. The Garita, a sentry post in the Castillo El Morro, has come to symbolize Puerto Rico and Old San Juan.

The name of the city of San Juan has undergone some peculiar changes. When the discovery of the island took place, on November 19, 1493, Admiral Christopher Columbus baptized it San Juan Baptist. Years later the conqueror Juan Ponce de León during the exploration of the northern coast discovered an ample bay (San Juan bay), which he described as “Puerto Rico” (rich port). After some time the name San Juan Bautista changed to Puerto Rico and the bay, the port, and the city changed to San Juan.


Located on the northern coast, it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the north, Aguas Buenas and Caguas on the south, Guaynabo on the west, and Carolina and Trujillo Alto on the east.


123.5 sq km / 47.5 sq km


434,374 (census 2000)

Population Density:

3,517.1 per sq km / 9,144.7 per sq km

People are known as:


San Juan is also known as:

La Ciudad Amurallada (The Wall City)
Los Capitalinos (The Ones From the Capital)
Los Senadores (The Senators)
La Losa (The Tile)

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